Chapter 464 cover

The battles between the Shinigami and the Fullbringers commence.

As Kenpachi defeated and bifurcated Giriko, he is returned to the Human World. He looks around to see if anyone else is done with their battles. Getting bored, he was about to leave, but then Yachiru pops out onto his shoulder and smashes him on the head. She says that they all arrived together and they promised to go home together and that if they leave, Yamamoto will have their heads. Yachiru continues to pull on his ears as he walks. Meanwhile, Ichigo is about to battle against Kūgo in the chat room, and he notices that the environment looks like Karakura Town. Kūgo says he picked that environment so that it will be easy for them to fight one-on-one. Before Kūgo could finish, Uryū steps into the fight. Ichigo asks if he is hurt but Uryū says that Rukia healed him. Uryū then says there is something he needs to apologize to Ichigo for and says that when they left Soul Society and Ichigo was given his substitute badge, he had thought there were others before him. He thought that if the previous one was alive, they would have told Ichigo and if he was dead, they should have said why, leading Uryū to believe Soul Society did not know.

Ichigo responds by kicking Uryū. He says it does not matter as they could not have done anything anyhow and that he would have forgotten in a few days anyway and tells Uryū to stop worrying all the time. The two friends insult each other before Ichigo tells Uryū to clean his glasses as they prepare to face Kūgo. As Hitsugaya and Rukia deal with their opponents, Byakuya confronts Tsukishma, saying that he despises his Fullbring's ability to manipulate relationships, and their battle begins.