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While Rukia struggles against Riruka in her doll form, Ichigo and Uryū discover more about Ginjo's newly enhanced powers.

As they argue over what type of animal the plushie is, Rukia flees from Riruka. After a close call with the Fullbringer, Rukia tries to fire a Kidō spell at her, but it explodes inside the plushie, leaving Riruka somewhat surprised at what had just transpired.

Meanwhile, Uryū notes to himself that Kūgo has not only absorbed Ichigo's Fullbring, but all of his attacks are fused with Ichigo's own reiatsu. Ichigo asks him if he has come up with a plan yet, commenting that he assumed he was trying to conceive one since he had told Ichigo to observe Kūgo. Uryū denies having a strategy and tries to warn Ichigo about what he has learned, but Ichigo heads out to fight the Fullbringer.

Ichigo begins to fire a Getsuga Tenshō at Kūgo, who encourages him. Uryū protests, but Ichigo fires it. Kūgo cuts through the attack and fires a Getsuga Tenshō back at him. Uryū fires a quick volley of arrows at Kūgo from a new, smaller bow, diverting attention away from Ichigo. Uryū warns Ichigo that Kūgo can likely use all of his own techniques against him, but Ichigo is dismissive of his warning.

Riruka asks Rukia if she now understands that Fullbringers are more than just normal Humans. Rukia notes that she is caught up in this idea and Riruka tells her that it is important as it allowed them to meet Tsukishima and be saved by Kūgo. Riruka begins to explain her "survival of the fittest".