388px-Chapter 472 Cover

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Riruka disappears, leaving Rukia alone while Byakuya manages to defeat Tsukishima.

Rukia collapses after being stabbed by Riruka, who disappears out of sight. Meanwhile, the fight between Byakuya and Tsukishima continues. Tsukishima taunts Byakuya by saying that even though Byakuya has quickly reverted to his Shikai's state after he has exploited his "Hurtless Area" and his skill has gone up with his broken sword, Tsukishima says that his seventeen months of training is useless and he has to keep using his Shikai. Tsukishima also states that even though Byakuya's skills has gotten better, he has also improved on the same amount.

Byakuya, after staring the blade of his broken sword, proceeds to initiate his Bankai. Tsukishima then says that he knows Byakuya will initiate Bankai, saying that he's seen it so many times until it's "downright boring". Tsukishima then proceeds to attack Byakuya inside his "Hurtless Zone", but was surprised when Byakuya launches his blades inside the zone, stating that he spoke too soon. Byakuya then states that since Tsukishima has discovered his "zero damage" zone he knew where he'll attack from. He also then says that if he lets in his blades inside the zone he can still kill Tsukishima. Tsukishima then says that he don't remember 'training' this with Byakuya and claims it's a desperate move by him. Tsukishima then proceeds to continue attacking Byakuya, while saying that despite he can control his blades twice as fast with his hands, it is utter suicide controlling them in his "Hurtless Area".

Tsukishima then blocks Byakuya's hand, which makes him lose control of his blades and injuring himself. He then states that with a little adjustment of timing the blades become impossible to dodge. Byakuya then raises his bloodied left arm, which makes Tsukishima think that he's going to launch a Kidō move, who then says that he knows how to counter every one of his Kidō moves, and taunts him to try to prove it to him.

But then, Byakuya launches his arm straight into Tsukishima's chest, shocking him. He then realizes that Byakuya has discreetly grabbed some of his blades into his hand to stab him. Byakuya then states that battle is something to be prepared for and wage at peak condition, but then says for the first time, he has experienced the joy of being knee-deep in the fleeting moments of insanity during battle. He then thanks Tsukishima for the enjoyable battle.