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Kūgo reveals the truth of the Substitute Badge to Ichigo.

After Tsukishima's defeat, the condition of Orihime and Sado stabilizes. Urahara leaves them in the care of Tessai and heads off to the battle. He tells Isshin that most of the fighting is over and that he should remain behind. Isshin asks if the should join Ichigo's battle to end it swiftly, but Urahara interrupts him, saying that Ichigo will learn the truth from Kūgo. He says this is fine as he would have learnt it regardless.

Ichigo dismisses Kūgo's words as an attempt to shake his resolve and Uryū agrees that he is mentally pressuring them, asking if Kūgo hopes that Ichigo will join him. Kūgo dismisses this, daring Uryū to fire an arrow at him. He then asks Ichigo about his Substitute Shinigami Badge, telling him that it was not given solely to those that prove to be of benefit to Soul Society. After asking if Ichigo has ever experienced the badges authority, he claims that it is instead awarded regardless of whether the person is beneficial or not as a means of observing them and suppressing their reiatsu.

Kūgo notes that while Ichigo was powerful in his Shinigami form, his reiatsu was not a problem in his Human body and that when he first activated his Fullbring, his reiatsu came pouring out of the badge. Insisting that Soul Society was controlling him, he states that Captain Ukitake is responsible for this scheme. He claims that they were both conned by him. Uryū thinks to himself that the worst case scenario is that neither of those things are true. Believing this information to be too much for Ichigo to bear right now, Uryū tries to intervene, but Ichigo then takes his stance and proceeds to reveal his Bankai.