Udarsha45 bleach story RPG 7

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Yuki and Shino have recovered from their injuries, but as they are chatting, a stranger suddenly appears.

Hiyori finishes her bath and demands to know why no one is replying to her. Lisa tells her that Love went out to buy Jump and coffee milk. Hiyori then asks why she didn't reply. Lisa tells her that she doesn't have a key, Hachi does, but he isn't there either. Hiyori then comments that she can smell Shinigami and looks at a ripple in the air and questions it. Elsewhere, Ryūnosuke wakes up in Ichigo's room and is told that he can leave. Orihime arrives carrying some bread which she claims is delicious. Ichigo asks if it's really delicious if they're throwing it away. Uryū and Sado arrive, adding that Ichigo has no etiquette. Ichigo asks how they all got into his house. Uryū replies that they ran into Yuzu and to make himself useful and get plates for the bread. Ryūnosuke screams, noticing that Ichigo is the person he met the other day. Ichigo informs him that he has been asleep for an entire day.

Ryūnosuke then has a flashback of Ichigo and the others defeating the Hollows. Uryū tells Ichigo that his attack was reckless and Ichigo says the same of his attack. Orihime informs them that she finished Shino's first aid treatment.

Ryūnosuke thinks of how quickly they defeated the Hollows. Ichigo hands him some bread and tells him to get in his Gigai. As Ryūnosuke tells him that he shouldn't be doing this, Shino shows up with some cola and tears up when she sees that Ryūnosuke is okay. As the two of them bicker with each other, Ichigo and the others begin eating.

In Soul Society Ikkaku rushes along and Yumichika asks why he's running. He responds that people in Rukongai have been disappearing. Ichigo remembers that Ryūnosuke never told them his name. A tall figure standing on Ichigo's bed tells him he's right and introduces himself as Ivan Azgiaro. He asks if there's any other questions. Ichigo responds that he doesn't know who he is, but to get off of his bed.