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As Ichigo and company are told of the situation in Hueco Mundo by Nel and Pesche, Sasakibe's funeral is held.

As Ichigo asks what Nel means, Pesche tries to surprise attack him, but fails. Ichigo recognizes the Arrancar and tries to get him to explain what happened. As Sasakibe's funeral pyre is readied, Yamamoto and other officers gather to pay their last respects. Byakuya reveals to Renji that according to the records, Sasakibe mastered his Bankai before Shunsui and Ukitake did, and yet he did not use his ability in front of others ever since the Gotei 13 was founded. He instead maintained his role as Yamamoto's lieutenant, declining vacant captain positions or even the temporary authority of a captain when such a position became vacant. Instead, he continued under Yamamoto's direct command, which he swore to serve as lieutenant for as long as he lived.

Byakuya says that he used his Bankai in a battle for the first time, and died. He says that they are too young to understand the pain Yamamoto is experiencing. Yamamoto orders the pyre to be lit and Sasakibe's cremation begins.

Ichigo returns home with Nel and Pesche and invites his friends over to hear about the situation. Pesche states that after the deaths of Baraggan and Starrk, Harribel was technically in charge of Hueco Mundo but she was attacked and taken away by unknown forces who appear to be taking Arrancar to act as a vanguard force. When he notes that Dondochakka has been taken too, Sado asks if they are going to rescue him. Uryū states that he cannot accompany them, as a Quincy's job is to eliminate Hollows. This prompts Ichigo to say that he knew that but called him anyway so as to avoid him sulking. Kisuke Urahara appears on Ichigo's windowsill offers to arrange their entry to Hueco Mundo.

One of the Vandenreich members picks up Ivan's medallion and examines it, noticing that it was used but Ivan was unable to seal Ichigo's Bankai. The Leader states that they need a special way to seal it. His subordinate states that they expected as much, but having proof is better. The Leader states that hot-blooded fools can be useful at times and orders him to instruct the Jagdarmee of Hueco Mundo to collect a few people alive. In Hueco Mundo, a group of hooded figures are marched under escort through the desert.