Bleach Story by Udarsha45

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A Vandenreich member announces the Vandenreich Leader's order to the Stern Ritters. One of the 5 "special war potentials" Ichigo Kurosaki, is currently fighting in Hueco Mundo. All Stern Ritter are ordered to gather at the Gate of the Sun and be ready to invade Soul Society immediately.

In Hueco Mundo, Ichigo's battle with Kirge continues. All of Kirge's attacks hit Ichigo. Ichigo's Zanpakutō goes flying and he is shown to have caught one of Kirge's attacks. He says that it's weird, noting that Ishida said that Quincy only fire bows and launches Kirge's own attack at him. Ichigo's friends catch up and he throws Nel at Orihime, telling her to take care of Nel. Ichigo then picks up Zangetsu and fires a Getsuga Tenshō at Kirge. He walks out of the dust, shown to have had his hat knocked off. He says that Ichigo was able to dodge, repel and throw back his Hielig Pfeil. Ichigo asks if all their techniques have such a complicated name and has says that Kirge should not be worried, as his attacks have more power than Ishida's. Kirge says that's impossible, but then notes that he has already spoken too much and he says that he'll have a lot to report to the Vandenreich as he draws his weapon. He says that he was ordered to eliminate him right away. He then show him his Letzt Stil form and states that the true name of of this technique is "Quincy Vollstandig".

Meanwhile, Urahara and Pesche have managed to rescue Dondochakka. Trying to get away as fast as they can, Pesche kicks Dondochakka, saying that it's his fault since he's heavy and big. While they bicker, Urahara notices something.

In Soul Society, the Vandenreich have arrived and one of the member takes a footstep from above, while the Shinigami below begin to flee.