Toden by udarsha45

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Orihime states that she doesn't sense any reiatsu after Kirge released his final form.

Kirge appears behind Ichigo and asks if he can feel the power that is about to punish him. Ichigo states that he learned about the Quincy: Letzt Stil from Urahara, who previously told Ichigo that Uryū lost his powers from doing so, as he concentrates the spirit particles with the Senrei Glove. After removing the glove, the Quincy will receive their greatest power. Kirge and Ichigo clash, with Kirge saying that the Letzt Stil Ichigo heard of is too weak. He says the it was a relic of the past and the only one still attached to it was Sōken Ishida. Ichigo replies saying he doesn't care about Kirge's past and that Kirge's Letzt Stil is different than Uryū's. Ichigo says that he is relieved, because of Uryū turned into something that disgusting, then Ichigo might end up killing Ishida by mistake.

He then fires a Getsuga Tenshō at Kirge. Kirge is unaffected and tells Ichigo to aim before attacking, but it would be useless since he has no weak points. Kirge then states that his form should look eerie to Shinigami as he starts to absorb reishi, peeling Orihime's Santen Kesshun. Orihime says that this is why she couldn't feel a shock wave of reishi. Kirge exclaims to Ichigo to be prepared to receive his Biskiel's power. However, he is interrupted by Ayon. Mila Rose, Apacci and Sung-Sung appear, asking Kirge if he thought they couldn't fight any more, with Apacci telling Ayon to show his power.