Bleach 260 anime title


Hisagi, Ikkaku, Iba & Kira are heading for a disturbance in Rukongai, caused by a Tōjū gang, when they are jumped by Kazeshini. Hisagi tells the others to go on ahead while he deals with his Zanpakutō. Kazeshini says he'll follow him wherever he goes till they finish their fight, so Hisagi releases. Kira explains to the other two that Kazeshini has stayed like that since the incident with Muramasa. Hisagi stalls Kazeshini with Kidō, saying he won't entertain Kazeshini's wishes unless he fights him head on, which Kazeshini has always hated. Hisagi regroups with the others, but the gang have already fled.

Kazeshini is visited by Haineko, Hōzukimaru, and Wabisuke, with the former scolding him for damaging relations with the Shinigami. Hōzukimaru asks why Kazeshini is so hell-bent on killing Hisagi, which Kazeshini tells him to mind his own business. Hisagi is pursuing one of the Tōjū when Kazeshini jumps him. Hisagi bats him out of the way and attempts to move on, but Kazeshini continues pursuing him. He encounters the Tōjū that escaped, and dispatches him when he suggests he's a 'dog for the Shinigami'. As the Tōjū's victim dies, he implores Kazeshini to take care of his baby son.

Kazeshini is less than happy with having to care for the baby, but the baby's crying attracts Iba and Kira's attention, so he flees with the baby. Kazeshini has had enough, and tries to leave the baby, but can't bring himself to so, and Haineko, Hōzukimaru make fun of him for having the baby on is back; Wabisuke is rather less enthusiastic. They decide to leave Kazeshini to his own devices. This news eventually reaches the vice-captains. Kazeshini moves to attack, but the baby's presence prevents him from doing so, so he leaves him a safe distance away. A woman finds the baby, so Kazeshini asks her to take care of him, but he is attacked from behind by a Tōjū. However, he swiftly deals with the attacker, despite getting injured.

With the woman having left with the baby, Kazeshini returns to Hisagi to have his showdown, while the woman sings a lullaby to the baby. Despite his best efforts, he loses. Hisagi confirms he'll return to being a normal Zanpakutō, which Kazeshini is not too happy about, but he doesn't have much of a choice.