Bleach Story RPG

Akira wants to end their fight right now. Igarashi doesn´t want Nishikiori to beat up too much, so they need him to save Kurusu. Seigou agrees with Akira´s action. Nishikiori´s death threat must end now. Nishikiori and Akira are locked in battle. Nishikiori orders his men not to interfere. They head toward each other. At the last moment Nishikiori grabs some dirts and tosses into Akira´s face temporary blinded him. Nishikiori bashes Akira´s head with a stick. During the fight Nishikiori reveals his point of view how he treats his fellow human. Akira blocks Nishikiori´s stick and he disagrees his view. He thanks his friends for his surival. Nishikiori compares Akira like himself, but Suzuki and Mariya disagree with him. Mariya, Rion and Sakuma share their stories how they survive each time. With one last punch from Akira, Nishikiori collapses on the ground. Nishikiori laughs at their friendship. He reminds them about the ballots of the vote. It turns out Rion wrote her own name on the ballot. Also she believed her friends will come for them. Nishikiori has it enough and he orders his men to kill Sengoku´s Group. Three men are ready to attack, but they were stopped by Shiraishi. Shiraishi doesn´t want to obey Nishikiori anymore and he asks his group to do the same. Nishikiori repeats his order, but nobody is moving. Akira orders him to stand down and requests to save Kurusu. Nishikiori refuses to save Kurusu, because he isn´t a doctor. Everyone is stunned to hear that. He used to work at a Kazuka Medicine Industry as Medical Representative. During his work he gets to know a lot of medicines and illnesses. When they first encountered the Pyramid and the people felt ill, Nishikiori knew about the symptoms and the cause. He devised a plan to make him the king with 50 loyal slaves. Kurusu´s life is beyond his power to save. Oomori starts to remember something. During the flight she encountered a doctor onboard.