Zenkichi recovers from Naze’s anesthetic, and is greeted by Naze, who tells him the fight is about to end. Emukae finds her Minus ineffective against Kugurugi, and is quickly worn out. Kugurugi demeans Emukae’s Minus, claiming it will have no effect on her and lauding her status as a suitor. Questioned why she hasn’t interfered, Naze is shown to be in a bad way, and explains that the others did try to help Emukae, but were forced back. Kanaino recommends to Zenkichi that he go back to sleep, stating that the battle will be over soon. Nienami tells Zenkichi he should let Emukae fight alone, throwing his earlier words back at him. Zenkichi activates Alternate God Mode, Model Zenkichi, and charges Kugurugi, only to be easily repelled. Kugurugi tells the Student Council to give up; Emukae refuses to surrender, telling Kugurugi that she is not wrong, and that she will uncover the suitor’s style. Emukae and the others are horrified to learn however that Kugurugi has yet to use her style; Kanaino comments that perhaps the Student Council’s hearts have been broken. Remembering when she discussed joining the Student Council with Medaka, who told her, rather than worry about regretting something, Emukae should rather enjoy the satisfaction that comes with doing something, Emukae affirms her resolve, and cuts her hair. Holding her knives properly, she declares that she will force Kugurugi to use her style. Kanaino wonders if she is trying to make herself lighter, but Nienami tells Kanaino that the other girl did it for a very simple reason. Confessing her feelings to Zenkichi, Emukae makes a desperate last charge against Kugurugi – only to be fatally injured by the other girl’s screwdrivers. As she falls, Emukae laments her uselessness, only to be caught by Kumagawa, who makes her injuries nothing with All Fiction. He tells Emukae he is disappointed in her – as a Minus – but that he doesn’t dislike her naivety.