300px-Forbidden Words

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At the Headquarters, a slightly anxious A discusses the history of Kinkaku and Ginkaku with Tsunade. At the coastline, Darui, now alongside Samui and Atsui, face Kinkaku and Ginkaku who release their weapons known as the Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths. Atsui launches his attack, but Kinkaku lands his Kōkinjō, a cursing rope, punching Atsui's face. Samui also charges in, but gets hit by the Kōkinjō. Ginkaku slices their soul words using Shichiseiken, a sword that records their most used word. Atsui accidentally mentions his forbidden word and gets sucked into the Benihisago, a sealing gourd. Darui, taking on the brothers, gets hit by the Kōkinjō after slashing Kinkaku's arm. Samui is also sucked to the Benihisago, despite never uttering her forbidden word. Darui figures out his forbidden word and concludes he cannot stay quiet for a long period of time based from what he noticed from Samui. Ginkaku then states that trickery and betrayal are tactics of a shinobi claiming Darui to be merely a pawn to the boss. Darui recalls his conversation with the Raikage as he was worried about the lost of the Raikage's left arm. A then states that he has two arms anyway, his and Darui. Full of resolve, Darui answers back to the brothers that he is the right hand man of the Raikage, not just merely a pawn. However Darui accidentally phrases his most uttered word "dull" and was being sucked in the Benihisago. Due to his constant apologies just as he was about to be fully sucked in, he evades the sealing as his most-uttered word "dull" has changed to his second most-uttered word "apologise" and he attacks Ginkaku, forcing him to evade and accidentally hit on Kinkaku's Kōkinjō. Now taking the opportunity, Darui obtains the Shichiseiken and the Benihisago, and manages to seal Ginkaku after he speaks his most-uttered word, "Kinkaku". Furious for the lost of his brother, Kinkaku transforms into his six-tailed jinchūriki form and ravages the First Division.