Berserk Human
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Bleach Story RPG

After the previous Lord sends Gejutel and Ragar to capture 'the human' alive, the two of them set out on the mission. Ragar wonders if the human is truly powerful enough to overpower nobles. As the previously sent knights' memories has been partially erased, Gejutel suggests that the human might have developed power similar to their mind control ability through experimenting on the nobles he has captured.

While they are talking, Roctis approaches them. He has come to answer the summon of their Lord and also to pay his tribute to Raizel who's heard to be there as well. But Gejutel informs him that Raizel has just only left. Roctis seems a bit down but tells he'll visit Raizel. Ragar grabs the chance to ask Roctis what they talk about when he meets Raizel. To this, Roctis finds no answer and the two leaves him wondering.

Frankenstein is very busy greeting the large number of knights who are sent by Gejutel and Ragar. He overpowers them all and finds it amusing and challenging that the nobles are taking interest on him.

Report reaches Gejutel and Ragar that the knights are missing and the human seems to have disappeared from the face of human world. Gejutel acknowledges this situation only possible in Lukedonia.

Indeed, Frankenstein has stepped into Lukedonia, the very realm of nobles to challenge their reign. However, his judgement of nobles being too reluctant and relaxed is prooved wrong with the sudden appearance of Gejutel and Ragar. They greet him and introduce themselves. After a proper introduction with two of the 13 clan leaders who lead the nobles, Frankenstein states jocularly that he's honored. The time to put his powers to test has come.