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At Frankenstein house, Tao explains that KSA has reported to the Union that Elder clashed with Nobles and other information was excluded, to which Regis questions if KSA is reliable. Tao remarks that it is okay as they visited them and discussed the issue personally.

He explains the visit to KSA. Frankenstein, along with Tao, Takeo and M-21 visited the KSA headquarters. The director, Lim Taesik thanks Frankenstein for help but Frankenstein humbly thanks and goes to question the doctor who performed the enhancements. He tells the doctor to prevent any experiments since it’s banned to do so without Union's permission. Lim Taesik doubts their intentions for helping them but Frankenstein claims that he only used some of his contacts to help them and KSA's well being is essential for their quiet life. He claims that they have no intention of controlling KSA as its bothersome, shocking everyone. He adds that maintaining such a large organization a worry to their quiet life. This leads to him being asked that who he, to which Frankenstein replies is

I'm the President of Ye Ran High School. You didn't know?

Back at home, Seira explains that there has been no response from Lukedonia, which Frankenstein believes is due to involvement of Roctis in Union. They are interrupted by the children who have come to take Rai and they mention that they are going to PC Cafe later, which worries Frankenstein for his master.

Somewhere else, Roctis and 9th Elder are talking and Roctis seems worried due to involvement of Nobles. He adds that someone that can kill an Elder can only be a Clan Leader. 9th Elder claims that the incident was somewhat odd and he plans to investigate the case. Roctis leaves after entrusting this case to him.

Somewhere at a Union base, an experiment has escaped and security is chasing him. The experiment breaks the door but is blocked by 3 special agents. They call him ungrateful for running away, wondering why was he even revived and attack. But, the experiment easily defeats them and jumps out in the street. It is revealed that the experiment is none other than M-24.