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The news of M-24's getaway is relayed to Dr. Crombel by Yuriy. Crombel is surprised hearing M-24 has surpassed the strength of the agents on guard where he was imprisoned. This indicates that M-24's abilities are getting similar to that of original nobles. Yuriy informs that he has already sent agents on M-24's pursuit and Dr. Crombel orders him to arrange to keep all this a secret from the Union.

Elsewhere, Tao, Takeo and M-21 are engaged in their usual job as Ye Ran Special Security when the janitor comes around and comments the bright and cheerful group that it's nice for them to stay together as friends. When he leaves, the trio discuss how long they'll be able to live like this peacefully. Suddenly the trio hear the children coming and they're off to shopping for an exceptional meal that day. Yuna and Suyi have decided to cook since they normally don't get that chance because of Seira's extraordinary culinary skills. As they ask whether they would prefer anything, Tao and Takeo settles to spicy food. Yuna asks M-21 what he would like to which he replies that he's okay with anything she cooks. With the menu settled, the children walk away.

At late evening, M-24 is shown staggering down a dark alley where two lab agents confront him. They have come to get the research material back to the lab but M-24 puts up a fight. His moves are surpassed at first but he manages to impale both of them along a wall and escapes.

The very scene is entered by Yonsu and Sangeen who deem it a clash of powers and inform Tao immediately. Tao, Takeo and M-21 decide to investigate this unusual event themselves.