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Tao, Takeo and M-21 come to investigate the spot with Yonsu and Sangeen where a fight has previously taken place. They assume that the collision of powers wasn't too intense but it could serve as a pretense for Union to send investigators to rampage on the locality since an elder was killed at the same neighborhood. At some point, it might lead Union to finding them which is the last thing they would want. So, Yonsu and Sangeen decide to conduct investigation on their own before they're likely to hear from union and promise to let Tao know if they make any progress.

Elsewhere, M-24 reaches another alley and spare some moments panting when all on a sudden a fist hits him from a hole on the wall behind. Three union agents has caught up with him and they are more powerful than those before. M-24 tries to bring them down but the odds against him are heavier. When his opponents think he is unlikely to defend, M-24 aims a powerful punch at one of them who mirrors him. The impact of their power collision is sensed by other power holders nearby.

Rai, Regis and Seira has been walking behind the children who are exalting over a nice evening spent at the PC bang. The three of them sense the collision and hurry there. When Shinwoo and others looks behind they don't find Rai, Regis or Seira. If it was a matter of getting lost, it would have been possible for Rai but the three of them getting lost doesn't make any sense to them.

At the scene of the fight, M-24 has fallen as his body is unable to stand any more attack. The agents are surprised that he is still alive and conclude all reports on him were wrong. They are about to take him back forcefully when three other people reach the vicinity. Rai, Regis and Seira has come to see what's going on there. The surprised agents yell at them which annoys Regis to some extent. They jump to attack but fail as Regis overpowers three of them effortlessly. As they drop unconscious, Yonsu and Sangeen arrive. They are relieved to see Rai and others having taken care of the situation and tell them that Tao has been informed and they'll come shortly to clear the issue. All the while, Rai has his eyes on the struck down man in front of them. And M-24 doesn't fail to recognize the person standing and looking at him.