One Bleach story

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The children's withdrawal symptoms continue to overpower them, and they rampage against Usopp and Nami in the hopes of receiving candy from Caesar Clown. Nami prevents Usopp from retaliating, and convinces him to fight their real enemy, but Caesar uses his Devil Fruit ability to manipulate the oxygen levels around him, nullifying Usopp's Firebird Star and suffocating both Straw Hats. Brownbeard arrives in time to rescue them from being crushed by the children, but he is quickly defeated by Caesar.

Caesar boards his airship with the children, and broadcasts a video message to brokers in various locations in the New World. He offers to demonstrate the power of his new poison gas weapon against those who have intruded on Punk Hazard, promising that the capabilities of his weapon will go beyond anything the World Government could ever produce.