Bleach Story RPG

ove restrains Wangnan, questioning his stubbornness and telling him to return the connector. Wangnan refuses, instead recalling a time when he had companions to eat with during the tests. They all gave up, one by one, and eventually he was all alone. To Wangnan, Nia was his friend who he waited so long for, yet the boy was killed by Lurker. Overcome by emotion, he curses those "who use anothe person's wish to manipulate them" and throws his connector to Viole, begging him to punish Lurker and his teammates.

Rapdevil continues to beat on Prince while keeping him barely alive. Lurker comes by the room to watch him die, infuriating him. When asked why he's doing this, Lurker tells Prince that not everything has to belong to him.

As Rapdevil comes to land the final blow, Horyang comes in the nick of time and attacks Lurker and his henchmen. However, Yeon suppresses his attack with fire, almost forcing him to bring out his trump card...then suddenly everything freezes. Viole rushes toward Yeon and provokes her anger, allowing him to draw out and destroy the creature that's been controlling her.

When everything is unfrozen, Lurker panics, yelling for Rapdevil to kill Prince immediately. He attempts to do so but is blinded by the Lighthouse, giving Horyang enough time to enter the room. He tells Viole to move on while he deals with Rapdevil. The henchman scoffs at Horyang for thinking he can beat him, but it turns out he has a devil in his right arm as well...

Lurker attempts to escape to his teammate's room, but Viole opens the door with the connector he received. Wangnan bursts into the room and punches Lurker into the wall. With an expression of madness in his eyes, Wangnan states once again that he would kill him.