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Bleach Story RPG

Koon A.A. is currently waiting for someone at an restaurant. This person turns out to be Edin Dan (에딘 단), who introduces himself as a 'speeder' (스피더) that has never been captured by a lighthouse. Because of his skill, a number of regulars requested to join their crew but he declined them all. Now he is making his living as a 'hunter' (사냥꾼). Koon asks Edin to join his team, but Edin refuses. Then Koon proposes a game; if Edin leaves the cafe without getting caught by anyone, he is free and he also gets a large chunk of Suspendium that can fit in the palm of your hand. On the other hand, if he gets caught, he has to join the team. Edin immediately agrees, but Koon states that the entire cafe is filled with skilled Regulars that he employed. Looking around, Edin sees an emergency exit. He quickly takes his prize and dashes toward the hallway, though it turns out it's completely blocked.

Koon appears behind the speeder, claiming that everything was a bluff to lure him here and that he shouldn't trust him so easily. Koon tells him to give up, but Edin, thinking that he's been underestimated, runs off again.

Edin tells the cashier at the front to put the bill on Koon; however, the cashier was indeed working for him and immobilizes Edin with a tranquilizer. Koon once again tells him not to trust in him so easily.

Koon returns to his lodge with unconscious Dan in his lighthouse. There are already two members in the lodging: one is currently unknown and the other is Rachel .